Hometown Homicide - Season 1, Ep. 2 (TV Series)

August 29, 2018

Wrapped a day of shooting for this new true crime series.  I played a supporting role as the grandfather of the victim.  Fantastic cast and crew!  Looking forward to the final cut!

ADR Session (Film)
August 15, 2017

Completed an ADR session today for the film The Good Boy.  Great to see the Director again!

Pandora's Box: Unleashing Evil - Season 2, Ep. 9 (TV Series)
July 13 - July 16, 2017

Just finished four days of shooting for the historical crime reenactment series.  I played a large supporting role as a detective who first investigated the case.  Great director, crew and actors! The final product was beautifully done.

Super Mario Run (Live Action Trailer)
November 12, 2016

Cast as a featured background player as a New Yorker in the Super Mario Run global launch video scene "Times Square".  In a couple of crowd scenes and got a close up in the final montage. Fantastic crew and what a great collection of actors!  

Miri Ben-Ari shoot (Music Video)
April 17, 2016

Great working on my first music video today!  Fantastic cast and crew and a beautiful day to shoot outdoors.  Miri Ben-Ari is known as the "hip-hop violinist" and has worked with many in the  hip-hop world, among other accomplishments.  It was a pleasure to meet the artist!  I played the part of a poet-of-sorts, and helped celebrate love!   

ADR Session (Film)
February 27, 2016

Finished up an ADR session today for the film Tainted Love. 

A Crime To Remember - Season 3, Ep. 6 (TV Series)
September 4, 2015

I played the role of a 1950's  police officer in this crime reenactment,  guarding the crime scene and there at the arrest.  Lots of fun on this full day production! 

Have You Seen My Pants? (Short Film)
August 12, 2015

I played the role of a homeless man who wakes up to an unexpected surprise!  Productive day shooting for this comedy with a great director and crew.  Looking forward to the final cut!   

Tainted Love (Short Film)
July 31. 2015

Just wrapped an afternoon of shooting "Tainted Love" - A comedic short film (Good Brownie Productions) in which I play an escaped patient, Bodhi, giving spiritual advice to an unsuspecting Gail, who thinks he's a wise man!  Wonderful cast and crew.  

Advanced Improv (Class)
June/July 2015

Intensive class taught by Laura Hartin of the Nutty By Nature Improv Troupe.   This class built on the fundamental rules of improvisation. In the first half of this course, we learned the basics of improvising a scene and how to keep it afloat. In the second half, we incorporated all of the rules of improv by working on performance games! 

The Musician (Short Film)
June 29 - July 1 2015

Played the lead as Tom Barey, a master classical guitarist in this contemplative meditation on the inferiority versus superiority in everyday interactions between people.   What a telling story about how people can be so very quick to judge on appearances.  It was great working with a fantastic director and talented crew. 

The Hard Candy Kid (Film)
June 7, 2015

Just wrapped shooting a couple of scenes for this independent feature film project.  Played a Celebrant and worker in a marshmallow fair type setting!  Seriously fun concept for the film and a beautiful day and setting in New York State. 

Improv (Class)
May 2015

Completed this intensive class taught by Bob Sapoff.   Learned how to better use observation, concentration, creativity and quick thinking skills. Plus, how to use improvisation during theatre rehearsals and while performing on stage. A fun and funny course!  

Ralph (Short Film) 

May 9, 2015 

Just wrapped shooting a scene for this short film NYU Thesis project.  Played a preacher type in a commercial within the film.  Fun collaborating with this director and associates I've worked with before! 

Empty Window (Short Film) 

April 26, 2015 

Had a great day shooting in a SOHO gallery for the executive board scene in this short film.  It was an honor to work with a talented director and team, actors and crew! 

The Clinic (TV Pilot) 

February 28, 2015 

Wrapped up shooting this hilarious situational comedy.  It was great working with this writer and director dynamic duo.   I played the part of a psychiatrist who probably shouldn't be 'helping' anyone! 

Mind The Gap  (Reality TV Sizzle)
Jan. 31 & Feb. 7, 2015 

Completed the second day of shooting for this creative sizzle project.  Excellent director and fantastic crew. I played the role of a grandfather who is very dedicated, and is always there for his family. Great working with my 'granddaughter' Laura! 

The Good Boy (Short Film)
Dec. 7, 2014 

Wrapped up two full days of work for this awesome film.  It was a pleasure to work with all the incredible talent involved!  Excellent director and fantastic dedicated crew. Playing the role of a construction manager whose way of life is on the line. Great story line and very timely. 

Dead Pan (Short Film) 

August 3, 2014 

Just wrapped up a day of shooting. Played the role of a clueless office boss named Mr. Bossdude. Great script, dark and very funny.  Being screened at the Angelika Theater in NYC! 

Escarlata (Short Film) 

June 28, 2014 

Just wrapped a day of shooting with a great cast and crew.  I played a detective in this film noir type interrogation scene.  Lots of fun!  

Advanced TV Commercials (Class) 

Dec. 2013/Jan. 2014 

Completed the Advanced Commercials class taught by Mick Gyure.  Wonderful class and excellent teacher! 

TV Commercials (Class) 

October 2013 

Completed the Television Commercials class taught by Mick Gyure.  Wonderful class and lots of on camera work. 

Powerquest Critical (Industrial) 

October 26, 2012 

Finished shoot for ASCO Power Control Systems.  Played a power worker in the control room while a critical emergency is taking place!  "What about the automatic transfer switches?" 

Scene Study (Class) 

Sept. 2013 

Completed this intensive class taught by Bob Sapoff.  I had fun playing Felix Ungar from The Odd Couple !  Wonderful class and excellent teacher. 

An Actor Prepares (Class) 

Sept. 2012 

Completed this intensive class taught by Bob Sapoff and Ted Wrigley.  Lots of monologues and analyzing scripts!  Thanks to some talented teachers.